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Teladoc += InTouch

Wednesday,  07/01/20  12:58 PM

Teladoc += InTouch

Even more excited about this than when it was announced back in January. Together we are improving healthcare for the world!

Teladoc Health Completes Acquisition of InTouch Health, Creating Single Virtual Care Delivery Leader from Hospital to Home

If you're an engineer looking for an interesting and rewarding opportunity with an amazing company, please let me know. We're looking for you :)


deep dive

Tuesday,  06/30/20  11:53 PM

The Visual Capitalist takes a deep dive into the world's oceans, lakes, and drill holes:

a deep dive into the world's oceans, lakes, and drill holes

Excellent (click through to enbiggen).  What's most surprising to you?  I found the fact that the trenches - the so-called "Hadal Zone" - are so much deeper than the oceans as a whole (which are also deep).  And also, David Bowie and Freddy Mercury :)



filter pass

Sunday,  06/28/20  09:55 PM

Bacara ... long Father's Day weekend ... yayThe Ole filter makes a pass ... looking back, it's been kind of a post-less June, sorry about that.  Not that I need an excuse, but I have a reason; last week / weekend we escaped for a wonderful loong Father's Day at Bacara, one of my very favorite places.  It's reopened in a careful way, yay.

Last week was Apple's virtual WWDC, and a lot of pretty real changes were announced, including the much-anticipated switch from Intel to Apple / ARM processors.  Serenity Caldwell serves up a great two-minute overview of all the announcements.

Tidbits: the case for ARM-based Macs.

The Progression continues...I love this: Moths to the Flame.  "The International Moth remains the pinnacle of small-boat foiling, with devotees committed to 'the progression'."  After two years I am still on the first rungs of the ladder, but boy are they fun.

Awesome: The return of the 90's web.  Serverside rendering, no-code tools, personal websites (!) ... crazy talk!

Reid Hoffman: Forgot writing that business plan.  Design an experiment instead.  More crazy talk :)

Roglic beats Pogacar to win Slovenian championshipHardly any "real" sports you say?  Yeah, but ... in Slovenia, they had an actual cycling race for their National Championship, wherein Primoz Roglic beat Tadej Pogacar.  Slovenia just happens to have two of the top cyclists in the world, and also, no Covid cases.

Eric Raymond: A user story about user stories.  "Design by user story is not a technique for generating code, it's a technique for changing your mind."  When ESR talks, people listen.

'Take on Me', in ExcelHere we have 'Take on Me', performed in Excel.  Just when you think you've seen it all, you realize "it all" is so much more than you thought.

Take note: Facebook on fact-checking political statements.  "We will protect political speech, even when we strongly disagree with it."  So that's good, but I can't help noticing the royal "we".  Stay tuned.

James Lileks wonders: "Have you ever asked yourself if there's something you can say today that you will not say next week?"  Yes.  The most worrisome thing about today's political climate is the number of things one cannot say.  All opinions matter.

As Instapundit notes: "we've moved from 'Blazing Saddles could not be made today' to 'No one will be allowed to watch Blazing Saddles'."

One more: John Cleese on extremism.  "Hard to tell if I recorded this 30 years or 10 minutes ago."  Notably and encouragingly, linked by Boing Boing and Kottke, among many others.

Very seldom have I laughed this hard: if Frazer Crane were still in Seattle.

Rolling Stone: Stillwater! (from Almost Famous)YES!  Almost Famous cast and creators reunite for a 20th anniversary podcast series.  My very favorite movie of all time.  To this day, when a waiter asks if I want sparkling or still water, I yell: "STILLWATER!"

Walt Mossberg reviews the original iPhone in the WSJ, 6/28/2007Finally this blast from the past: 13 years ago Walt Mossberg reviewed the original iPhone.  "One of the most important trends in personal technology over the past few year has been the evolution of the humble cellphone into a true handheld computer."  Good call.


messing about in small boats, with little people

Saturday,  06/27/20  09:20 PM

Spent today as a Saturday should be spent, messing about in small boats, with my favorite little person.

Ori sailing

thar she blows

To be repeated soon and often!


spacecraft UI

Wednesday,  06/10/20  12:52 PM


spacecraft UI

The evolution of spacecraft UI over time. 
Apollo - 1961-1972.  Shuttle 1981-2011.  Dragon: 2020-????




Sunday,  06/07/20  11:50 PM

the majestic generalsToday I blasted off into another great corner of California, the recently reopened Sequoia National Park, home of the world's largest trees (and hence, largest living things, period).  These majestic trees are just amazing, and they're surrounded by "ordinary" pine trees, so you can tell just how much bigger and awesomer they are.  Oh, and they're over 2,000 years old.  Yeah, the stories they can tell...

My weekend forays have given me some interesting data points about how people "out there" are handling the pandemic.  Today it was evident many things besides the National Park have reopened - like restaurants, there was a lot more traffic, and far fewer people are wearing masks.

I've often wondered: Why we refuse to spend much money on Apps.  "First is a principle called anchoring, or the idea that there is a sort of reference price for particular items, based on what else is available and how the first price was set."  Yep I get it.  Online everything is anchored to free.

The very definition of contrarian: The Gospel According to Peter Thiel.  His central thesis is that we can improve ourselves and the world, a sort of anti-fate.  Very cool, and the comment thread is pretty interesting, too.

where does your electricity come from?Visual Capitalist: Do you know where your electricity comes from?  Hint: fossil fuels.  But you've watched Planet of the Humans, so you knew that already, right?  Another *great* graphic from this great blog...  (by all means, click through to enbiggen!)

Via Reid Hoffman, this great framework for business strategy from Shishir Mehrotra: Four Myths of Bundling.  The whole notion of establishing value for abstract things is so ... weird.  Like Apps :)

Chris Dixon: Why Decentralization Matters.  More insightful business philosophy.  Decentralized networks should win, but will they?

Hardspace: ShipbreakerThis looks cool: 'Hardspace: Shipbreaker' is a puzzle-solving parable.  I'm rarely attracted to games (and often disappointed in the ones I try), but this looks like it might be worth a chance.

Unreal 'Nanite' game engineMeanwhile, this demo of new Unreal game engine is unreal.  I found the spatial sound as impressive as the incredible lighting.  Virtual reality is definitely in the uncanny valley now.

Eye, Robot: Artificial intelligence dramatically improves accuracy of classic eye exam.  Linked for the headline pun but also quite interesting; and click through if you want to take the eye test yourself :)

killer acoustic version of "Whole Lotta Love"Luca Stricagnoli brings us this unbelievable acoustic cover of Led Zep's Whole Lotta Love.  Well worth the three minutes - maybe six if, like me, you want to hear it again :)

Finally: Is 2020 over yet?  This website will help you figure it out.


sine wave filter pass

Sunday,  05/31/20  09:03 PM

Today was a sine wave of emotions; great excitement with the SpaceX astronauts reaching the International Space Station, and great sadness watching rioting and looting all over the United States.

Reading my Facebook and Twitter feeds, it seems we may have reached peak virtue signaling...

Covid deaths in US on 5/7/20Meanwhile, oh yeah, we have a pandemic.  And check out this amazing graphic; the green counties are 1/3 of all the deaths in the US, the yellow are another 1/3, and the red the final 1/3.  Wow.  Please click to enbiggen...

the Clinton archipelagoReminds me of another remarkable map, The Clinton Archipelago, showing the areas of the US which voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, which famously contain more than 50% of the population.  Please click to enbiggen...

Mediterranean Sea of AmericaAs long as we're doing remarkable maps, here's another... The Mediterranean Sea of America.  Interesting that it is *so* large, and also, that the latitudes line up so well.  Who would have thought Northern Italy lined up with North Dakota?  This map also includes the Black Sea, which overlays the Great Lakes pretty nicely, both in size and location.  Supercool.

xkcd: confidence intervalAs we are all looking at models and maps, the inimitable xkcd nails it: confidence interval.

The CDC’s New ‘Best Estimate’ Implies a Covid-19 Infection Fatality Rate Below 0.3%.  That rate is much lower than the numbers used in the horrifying projections that shaped the government response to the epidemic.  But if they were so wrong before, maybe they are equally as wrong now?  (What is the confidence interval? :)

How Innovation WorksMatt Ridley has a new book out: How Innovation Works.  "Innovation is the main event of the modern age, the reason we experience both dramatic improvements in our living standards and unsettling changes in our society."  In the queue...

Finally, have you been following Magic Leap?  This company was founded in 2010 and has raised $2.6B (yes!) to develop augmented reality systems.  So far the demos have been excellent but the products have been terrible, and the company recently announced half the staff would be laid off "due to Covid-19".  Riight.  But wait! - they have now raised a new $350M (yes!), but their CEO is resigning.  John Gruber helpfully offers a Translation From VC-Backed PR Jargon to English of Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz’s Statement That He’s ‘Stepping Down’.  "I am amazed that we raised $2.4 billion and have managed to stretch this con out for 7 years and counting. We even convinced Google to invest.  Google!"  Stay tuned.

Well that's today's filter pass (and exercise in mapmanship); let's hope tomorrow is less exciting, and the day after even less so.  2020 is not messing around!



wrap master Christo, 1935-2020

Sunday,  05/31/20  08:56 PM








... a unique creative force ... he will be missed ...


the great Endeavor

Saturday,  05/30/20  05:07 PM

Hi all, did you watch?  I don't think I've been this nervous, since, well ever.  Anyway if you didn't watch, everything went great.  The two astronauts are now successfully in Earth orbit, heading for their rendezvous with the International Space Station scheduled for 7:29AM tomorrow morning.  And they also have an Apatosaurus aboard, more on that below.

SpaceX continue to broadcast live, I'm watching the Earth slooowly pass beneath the Dragon on its way “up” to the ISS.

And so it begins … about an hour before liftoff, the clouds are clearing and all is in readiness…

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley arrive at the launch pad (in a Tesla Model X, of course):

All is ready at NASA mission control at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida:

T – 14 minutes, the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. SpaceX did an interview with Gwen Shotwell, COO of SpaceX. Cannot believe she was so calm although she said she wasn't.  She doesn't get enough credit for running SpaceX day-to-day.  Her final thought: "thanks Elon for hiring me" :)

And so finally after all the preparation and waiting, it’s showtime!  T -0, a huge blast of flame, and liftoff!

At T +2:42, it’s time for first stage separation.  Went off without a hitch.  With picture quality like this you have to remind yourself, this is real, not a movie.

At T +5:58 we have the cool split view we're used to with SpaceX launches; on the left the view inside the capsule, note the Earth :), and on the right the view looking down from the first stage rocket, fins extended, on its way down back down to land.

SpaceX “mission control” in Hawthorne, CA … everyone wearing masks.
T +8 minutes, the first stage rocket doing its landing burn.

Woo hoo!  They stick the landing on the “of course I still love you” barge in the Atlantic.  In other missions this would be the huge success, but in this one it is just a sideshow.  Note the monitor above the astronauts showing their position in orbit.  Looks a bit like a Tesla GPS :)

Ten minutes after launch, the astronauts are orbiting Earth and weightless.  To prove it, they floated a small inflatable Apatosaurus named Trimmer.  Do not know if NASA had cleared this beforehand; presumably, yes.  Expect your kid to want one.

T +11 – stage 2 separation.  The Dragon is now on its own… traveling at 27,000 k/h at an altitude of 200km.  Whee

And finally, a cool “interview” with the astronauts including a tour of the inside of the capsule.  The slight transmission delay was evident, but otherwise audio clear as a bell. Certainly the A/V is good enough for telehealth!

Oh, and the great reveal: astronauts Bob and Doug have named their vehicle Endeavor.  And indeed it is.

Cheers and onward!



do or do not

Friday,  05/29/20  06:38 PM


Capture that Flag!


man vs nature

Thursday,  05/28/20  12:50 PM

So ... the big SpaceX launch was -> <- all set to launch yesterday but at the last moment was delayed by weather, to next Sat 5/30 (mark your calendars).  This picture shows the situation:

man vs nature



weekend voyager

Sunday,  05/24/20  11:05 PM

voyages - 5/24/20Probably like many of you, I've made a weekend habit of escaping, voyaging to the far corners of California (at least, far as reachable by car) and riding my bike or sailing my boat. 

These trips have taken me to Lavic, 29 Palms, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Isabella, Lake Elsinore, and the Salton Sea.  Oh, and to Calexico and the Mexican border, and to Needles and the Arizona border.  And to Monterrey, riding the 17 mile drive.  And to Three Rivers, the gateway to the Sequoia National Forest.  Not to mention Los Olivos :)  And so it was that yesterday I drove up to Kernville, and did a great ride along the Kern River in the South Sierras, and today I went sailing in Santa Barbara.  My own personal take on "sheltering in place".

Every state is unique and has amazing places to visit, but California is truly amazing, so much to visit and see.  And I haven't even ventured into the top half of the state yet!

And so where should I go tomorrow?

Ojai, CaliforniaThe Discoverer helpfully notes: The Best Small Town in Each State.  For California their pick is Ojai, a worthy choice but not far away and already well known to me.  I would love to visit Skagway, Alaska - was just reading a book about the Yukun gold rush - but that would be a bit of a long drive.  Bisbee, Arizona looks nice, but it's also too far, and Virginia City, Nevada is even further.  Stay tuned...

SpaceX: demo-2 from the gantryThe other day I noted the upcoming SpaceX manned mission to the ISS next Wed; Elon Musk just tweeted this beautiful picture from high above the gantry.  Keep telling yourself, this is not a movie...  (click to enbiggen amazingly).

Congratulations to Rogers Cadenhead for the 7,500 day anniversary of his blog Workbench (quick math: it began on Nov 7, 1999).  I've been subscribed since nearly then. 

Congratulations to Scott Johnson for the 18 year anniversary of his blog Powerline (May 24, 2002).  I've been subscribed since nearly then.

In case you're wondering, Critical Section started on January 1, 2003.

nuclear powerPopular Mechanics via Instapundit: America just made a Huge Investment in Next-Gen Nuclear Power.  Yay.

The other day I recommended Michael Moore's anti-"renewable-energy" documentary Planet of the Humans; nuclear power is the *only* truly renewable entropy source we have.

Instapundit notes: Beyond Parody: CNN taps Greta Thunberg for expert coronavirus panel.  "In case you didn't realize how hard the writers at the Babylon Bee have to work to surpass reality."  It would be funnier if it were less true.

Warren Buffett: never bet against AmericaWarrant Buffett: Never Bet Against America.  Love it, and also love that fancy Powerpoint template :)

Another longtime blogger I like, Kim du Toit: Remembering.  "To anyone who may take issue with me over this: fuck with me at your peril."  Yes, you must read click through.

Daring Fireball: What time is it in London?  "Every other service that tries to answer 'What time is it in London?' gets it right. Only Siri gets it wrong."  Siri has been so bad for so long, that it defies explanation.  Apple are surely aware of this and have the resources to fix it.

Related: Why is the modality of IOS so screwed up?  Mostly, I have to turn off my phone to use Siri.  Seriously.

Swiss Trains speed through the Swiss countryside to Techno BeatsI am a not-so-closet Eurodance fan.  Cascada, September, Ian van Dahl, I love them all.  And so I love this: Trains Speed Through Swiss Countryside to Techno Beats.  Even cooler than you might imagine.

While I was out not blogging in 2016 Steven den Beste passed away, a giant of the early days of the blogosphere.  (His blog USS Clueless is still up, yay.)  Glenn Reynolds notes his evergreen unified theory of left-wing ideas:

"Isn't it interesting that no matter what the current global crisis is, according to leftists, the solution is always the same: a benevolent world dictatorship of the enlightened elite, and mass transfer of wealth from rich nations to poor nations."

Cheers all, and happy voyaging!


SpaceX: ready to launch

Friday,  05/22/20  10:39 PM

Hi all – it's your friendly neighborhood SpaceX reporter checking in …

I have sadly neglected my reporting duties; my last update was Jan 7 for a Starlink mission, and SpaceX have had four more successful missions in the meantime, having now placed 420 satellites into low-Earth orbit.  Yes, wow.

But the bigger news is that SpaceX are scheduled to send two human astronauts to the International Space Station next Wed May 27, at 1:33PM PT, in the so-called Demo-2 Mission.  Mark your calendars!

SpaceX demo-2 mission: ready for launchElon Musk just tweeted the animation at right, showing the rocket and capsule vertical on the launch pad in Cape Canaveral, ready for action.

SpaceX; Captain Hurley and Commander BehnkenCaptain Doug Hurley (R) and Commander Robert Behnken (L) will take about 24 hours to reach the ISS at 17,000mph, after which they will join Expedition 63.  Meanwhile the capsule will return to Earth empty, fourteen days after launch.

SpaceX: the NASA worm is backThe significance of this mission cannot be overstated.  It will be the first US manned launch in nine years, since the last Space Shuttle mission in 2011 which was fittingly captained by Hurley.  And it will be the first private manned spacecraft to "reach space".  (Okay, okay, SpaceShipOne reached space defined as 100km back in 2004, but this will be real space, the ISS orbits at 408km.)  Underscoring the importance, this will be the first spacecraft to sport the famous NASA worm logo since 1992.

Cheers, fXf, and please stay tuned!

PS to those who ask "should we be launching spacecraft in the middle of a pandemic", I say "yes"


"game changer"

Tuesday,  05/19/20  04:52 PM


game changer

from Banksy


commence societal release

Sunday,  05/17/20  11:26 PM

I'm freeWell, this lockdown thing was all very exciting, but I can tell, here in LA people are not having it anymore.  They are out and about, and going back to work and to life.  I get that we were worried about health systems' ability to handle Covid patients, and I get the argument that we need to wait for a vaccine or at least a better treatment regime before we release everyone.  But it's a free society and people are going to do what they need to do.

Which is not to say the new normal will be the same as the old normal.  A lot of things have inflected permanently, including working from home.  I would guess when kids get back to school, a lot of their parents are going to spend a lot more time working from home.

One thing which has definitely inflected is telehealth.  Healthcare is not going back to the way it was.  Yay!

These two companies are changing healthcare as we know it.  Once of them is Teladoc.

Oh by the way, did you notice?  Traffic is way up and the Internet seems fine.  Did we maybe spend too much time debating net neutrality?  Yes.

Alaska: Seward highwayIf you're going to get out, the Discoverer has news you can use: The Best Road Trip in Each State.  Excellent.  The very first is my very favorite: The Seward highway in Alaska.

Alpha Go vs Lee SedolI have a couple of recommendations for you.  You should most definitely watch this video about Alpha Go and the match with Lee Sedol.  An absolutely fantastic accomplishment.  This, far more than Deep Blue defeating Garry Kasparov in chess, was a defining moment for Artificial Intelligence.

Shortly after, AlphaGo learned to play chess in 24 hours, and is now by far the strongest chess player ever.

Planet of the HumansAnd equally as important and thought-provoking, please watch Michael Moore's Planet of the Humans.  I recommended it before and just rewatched it.  On the second pass, it was more powerful for me.  It's not anti-climate-change, in fact, it's quite strongly pro-climate-change, but it's actively and strongly anti-renewable-energy.  Every single current source of "renewable energy" actually depends on fossil fuel.  Wind, solar, "biofuel" (aka logging and burning trees).  The fraud is staggering.

world's largest energy sourcesApropos: The world's largest energy sources.  Keep in mind all the renewal sources listed are really fossil fuel driven.

This job description is excellent.  Makes you want to apply for this job, doesn't it?

Little Richard!So we lost Little Richard.  As much credit as he gets, I think maybe it's not enough.  A tremendous musical legacy.  Watch this awesome track as see how many bands you can name who were influenced by him.

Want a new word?  Just click here to have one custom made.  They're very good.

The man who thought too fast.  Frank Ramsey - a philosopher, economist, and mathematician - was one of the greatest minds of the last century. Have we caught up with him yet?

Onward ... commence societal release!


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