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Friday,  03/07/03  11:35 AM

Every once in a while you come across a utility which is just - cool.  I figured I'd run a "link check" against little 'ol Critical Section to make sure nothing was broken.  Surfing around I came across Xenulink, a free link checker written by Tilman Hausherr which just ... works.  Awesome!

This is the power of the Internet.  Some guy in Germany wanted a great link checker, so he wrote one.  Then some guy in California needed a great link checker, and he was able to find and use the same one.  How efficient is that!

You learn some interesting things this way...   turns out the L.A.Times only keeps articles posted for 7 days.  After that they go into their "archives", which you must pay to access!  So any link to a LAT article goes stale after 7 days.  That's it, they're off the blogroll!