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Monday,  03/17/03  05:01 AM

So it will be war.  Like many I feel sad that it has come to this, but relieved that we are finally taking action.  My best wishes and thanks to all the soldiers representing us "over there".  If you'd like to show support, here's a good way.  And don't visit Pep Boys.

By the way, I think anyone has the right to feel we shouldn't be going to war, and has the right to protest (this is the U.S., after all).  I know many reasonable, thoughtful people who are opposed to war.  But now that the decision has been made, we should all pull together.  This is something Tom Daschle needs to learn.

Here's a terrific piece by Dave Sifry on Zen and the Art of Debugging.  It is interesting to see some background on Technorati, as well ("tracking 135,000 blogs every hour").

The L.A.Times ponders why the rollout of DVRs like Tivo is "stuck on pause".  Their conclusion - at $500, it is too expensive for the mass market.

See anything wrong with the picture at right?  Courtesy of Rainer Brockerhoff.

Interesting article in FastCompany about Google.  The more you study these successful companies, the more you discover that they are all unique.  Which may be their key to success!

Among the many great sites I've found by tracking referers during the recent "Tyranny" storm was Interconnected, which I like so much I'm adding to the blogroll.  Check 'em out!

Finally - you heard the one about the talking 20lb. carp, right?  I am not making this up.