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Sunday,  07/06/03  10:27 PM

Well I would have bet heavily against this, but it looks like SARS has been contained.  A tribute to the quick global response of scientists and doctors.  I guess quarantine can be a successful strategy.

Bill Whittle's Fourth of July offering: Trinity Part I and Part II.  As always really good stuff, and really well written.  I particularly like the clear argument that capitalism is a riding tide which lifts all boats, not a matter of some taking from others.  "It is possible to be rich without taking from the poor."  In fact most of the time being rich actually helps the poor...

SJMercury interviews Linus: Linux creator an open source.  Linus discusses the SCO lawsuit, among other things.

GNXP: The biochemical foundations of morality.  Great stuff.

Slashdot: Duct tape goes miniature.  I linked the Slashdot thread instead of the article because the comments are really funny.  Duct tape is truly a wonder, but I don't know how useful a small strip would be...

Years ago I sailed a lot, and pretty much always carried a roll of duct tape wherever I went.  I figured carrying duct tape was a sure sign of a sailor.  I was in a gas station when the attendant saw a roll sitting on my back seat, and said "oh, do you race motorcycles?"

You've got blog!  AOL is introducing blogging tools; Jeff Jarvis blogs about his sneak peak.  It will be interesting to see how "open" AOL makes their blogging universe.  Sounds like they "get it"; they're going to have RSS feeds, for one thing :)

Dave Winer has some comments about blogging via IM, and posted a longer article about AOL's entry into weblogs.

Chad Dickerson: RSS Killed the Infoglut Star  ."When I started using an RSS newsreader daily, some remarkable things happened that I didn't necessarily expect: I began to spend almost no time surfing to keep up with current technology information, and I was suddenly able to manage a large body of incoming information with incredible efficiency."  I've found the same thing; I use SharpReader as my entry point to the web.  And to think at one point I didn't like RSS aggregators :)