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There's a lot of great stuff happening...

Ganymede, Callisto, Europa, and Io
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With the demise of Galileo (the satellite, not the scientist), there has been a lot of web activity about Jupiter.  I came across this amazing picture of "the Galilean moons"; the four large moons of Jupiter which were visible to Galileo with his crude telescope.  Watching the moons orbit Jupiter, Galileo had his first proof that the entire universe did not revolve around the Earth.  What is especially fascinating to me is the way each moon is so different.  Many astronomers consider Europa the most likely site for extra-terrestrial life in the solar system.

Think Tivo doesn't have the networks' attention?  Matt Haughey notes NBC has juggled their fall lineup on Thursday nights to have non-standard start and end times.  "Note the time of the Scrubs premiere show.  It starts at 8:32PM.  Huh?  Coupling is a new show that also sports an odd time slot: 9:27PM-9:58PM.  ER starts at 9:59PM that same night.  Friends runs for 47 minutes and is followed by a 39 minute long Will and Grace.  What in the hell is going on?"  Presumably to mess up overlapping season passes?  This is going to backfire - Tivo users will be pissed.  If they even care about NBC, which is doubtful...

Lore Sjöberg thinks we should be Charging People.  A really well-written look at micropayments and free content on the web.  "But here's the dirty little secret of the artistic Web community: We're not as popular as we like to think we are.I wish The Slumbering Lungfish had an RSS feed, I'd subscribe...  [ via Cory Doctorow ]

Doc Searles posted a terrific rant On the continuing death of Radio as Usual.  "I think the future of radio is Webio over wireless IP, fed by the same grass roots originalities that give us both blogging and the equivalent in webcasting.Webio - I like it!

Philip Greenspun is on a roll, today he considers RIAA, friendship, and prostitution.  "What is the point of Internet file sharing when people can, perfectly legally, copy as much music from each other as they could reasonably want?  Only a person with zero friends would want to bother with file sharing.  Which is why we can now say that the RIAA is the world's leading promoter of friendship!"  The logic is impeccable.  The RIAA is screwed reliving the past.  Better they should buy an iPod, check out the Apple iTunes Store and start living in the future.

This looks like a headline from the Onion, but it's in the Register: KaZaA sues RIAA for copyright infringement.  "Sharman Networks is suing the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for distributing replicas of its P2P file sharing software."  Now you have to love that.

In the unintentional humor department, check out the 2003 Worst Manual awards.  For a butcher's trolley, "test stranger and use on" is the last step.  Hmmm...

And from Hoom! Maps, we have walking directions from Bag End to Mordor.  "When using any walking directions or map, it is a good idea to stop at an inn or hostelry and inquire about news from abroad.  Find out whether any wars are brewing, and if so, whether agents of the enemy are pursuing you."  I love it.

Want a new desktop or laptop?  How about a Go-LThis one looks nice :)  [ via John Robb ]

T-Mobile gets in the N-Gage Game.  As Gizmodo reports, "We're somewhat ambivalent about the N-Gage's prospects and aren't particularly impressed with it, but you really have to root for any gadget that seems to have so many pundits predicting its demise."  Looks like a cross between a gameboy and a pillow.  But it's a 'phone...