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Rock report

Wednesday,  12/10/03  10:18 AM

Today's whether:

  • Arctic squirrels rock.  And they're cool, too :)
    • P.S. "Eichhorn" means squirrel in German.  (But I'm Dutch.)
  • Sperm whales rock, and are unfortunately soaking up human-created toxins.  The top of the food chain has its drawbacks.
    • Did you realize there are 350,000 of these guys in the oceans?  Wow.
  • Mars rocks.  But it might be tough for humans to go there, because of radiation...
    • It does appear to be warming up!
    • [ via Bigwig, who rocks, and who thinks this "proof positive that not only is Mars inhabited, it's inhabited by SUV driving Americans!" ]
  • Oh, and Jupiter's Moons rock.  Which is why NASA is planning a cool new nuclear-powered probe.
  • This faked teaser trailer for the Hobbit rocks, and so does the creators' effort to recruit Peter Jackson to make this movie.
  • This shockwave "thing" from Nicolas Clauss totally rocks.  Check it out.  Now.  And stick with it, it gets cooler, and cooler, and cooler...
  • Tivo rocks.  But the company has issues, like how to ignore your best customers...
  • iPods rock.  Literally.  But you knew that.
  • Van Halen rocks.  That's just about all I can say.
  • This eye chart rocks.  "Increase distance from chart until readable" :)
  • WinHex rocks.  If you ever need to edit a disk boot record, this is your tool.
  • RSS rocks.  SharpReader rocks.  Citydesk rocks.
  • Oh, and yeah, this HP ad rocks.  Don't you think?

Blogging rocks.