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in praise of old boats

Thursday,  02/09/06  11:01 PM

Some things age gracefully, some don't.  Boats do.  A while ago I came across this picture, posted by the Horse's Mouth:

Yeah, it's old, and yeah, it's probably unusable and certainly decrepit, but it's beautiful, perhaps more beautiful than the day it was launched.  Then we have the Staten Island Boat Graveyard, an amazing collection of photos of abandoned wrecks.  [ via Cory Doctorow ]:

When you see a wreck like this, it makes you wonder what happened.  How did it come to sit here?  Surely there was a day when it was spiffy and new, and someone was proud of it?  But then time passed, and it was less spiffy and less new, and finally one day it was wrecked and nobody cared.  And then time began to take its toll, inexorably.  Until now it is a relic, a window into an older time.  So cool.

Few things age as gracefully as old boats...