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BigTIFF + world's first terapixel image

Friday,  05/04/07  08:57 AM

I'd like to interrupt my normally scheduled content for some chest-beating.  We at Aperio have implemented BigTIFF - enhancements to the TIFF image standard to support files larger than 4GB in size.  (Press release here.)  We've created a little website at bigtiff.org which describes the enhancement in detail, provides source code and library downloads, and some sample images.  Included among the samples is the world's first terapixel image.  Yes, that image really does contain 3TB of image data, compressed into a file size of 144GB.  Whew.

And you can view it right here, in the pleasure of your own browser:

(Click the "+" to zoom in, and the "-" to zoom out)

The magic here is Aperio's technology for viewing large images in standard web browsers.  Pretty cool, eh?

(This could be another answer to "What do I do?" :)