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how did I get here?

Sunday,  06/01/08  09:25 AM

Do you ever look at your life and think "how did I get here"?  Mine is sometimes borderline ridiculous.

On Friday afternoon I did my usual Rockstore ride.  Usually I do it in one go, but for some reason I stopped to smell the flowers, or rather, to view the Pacific Ocean; at a certain point along Mulholland Drive you can see the ocean to the left, and the Conejo Valley to the right.  It was a bright clear day with a beautiful view, and I stopped to enjoy it.  Sometimes I pretend my iPod is prescient; it foretells the future by picking songs while on "random play".  So while I'm sitting there, my crystal ball iPod picked Eddie Money's "two tickets to paradise".  I tried to figure it out; huh, why did it choose that?

That night I ended up taking my daughter Alex, her boyfriend Nathan, his friend Des, and Des' girlfriend Madi to a concert; we saw Thrice and Circa Survive at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood.  O.M.G.  Of course!  Des is ... Eddie Money's son.  I am not making this up.

In the middle of the concert - which was awesome by the way; I had never heard of Thrice, but they're great - I found myself thinking about "two tickets", and how weird and wonderful life can be, and the thought sprang into my head, "how did I get here?"