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Thursday,  07/10/08  11:17 PM

Isn't Vin Scully just the best?  Watched a Dodger game tonight - slowly getting back into being a baseball fan :) - and man, it was great.  Isn't is amazing how much a good commentator adds to a sport, Chick Hearn for basketball and Phil Liggett for cycling come to mind... 

Congratulations to Riccardo Riccol, who won today's Tour de France stage; the first real climb.  It was a great uphill sprint to edge Alejandro Valverde and Cadel Evans.  Kim Kirchen and Denis Menchov were also in the hunt; basically the who's who of this year's tour. 

Tomorrow is iPhone 3G day, and today the Apple iPhone App store opened.  Jason Kottke notes the most popular so far: Twitterific (insider echo chamber), Remote (use your iPhone as a remote control for your Mac or AppleTV), and various eBooks. 

Wow, now we have 1.5TB disk drives.  Just a year ago 500GB was "big".  Does that mean we'll have 5TB drives in another year?  Probably! 

Here's a list of 20 things gadget zone thinks should be in Windows 7.  So they're completely wrong; Windows 7 doesn't need any new features, it needs to be fast.  If it was just faster than Windows XP, it would be a huge success.  Maybe they could fix paging, or improve filesystem access, or networking.  Anyway that's what I think; the reason Vista is a flop is because it is so slow, not because of features it has or doesn't have.