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more Kindling: the coolness of *now*

Thursday,  12/18/08  08:07 PM

So, I have an interesting new perspective on the coolness of Kindle: it let's you read stuff *now*.  As before, directly relates to the coolness of iPod.  (And stay tuned for an observation about the coolness of AppleTV :)

The other day I noted Josh Newman's Beginner's mind, about sucking and sucking and sucking until you get it right, and sent him an email about it, to which he replied:

Also, quasi-relatedly, I've been reading Mastering the Rockefeller Habits of late, and have enjoyed it immensely thus far; there don't seem to be many books with good, concrete advice for established yet fast-growing companies, and this seems to be one of the best I've found.  Worth checking out, I think...

Okay, so Josh says Mastering the Rockefeller Habits is worth checking out, so I check it out.  And I'm just about to one-click this book (yes of course "one-click" is a verb), and then I notice Amazon has a Kindle edition.  Whoa.  Game changer, instead of getting this book in a couple of days with one click, I can have it *now*.

{ BTW free tip for Chris Anderson and/or Malcom Gladwell, your next book should be *Now* }

Just like FREE is nonlinearly attractive compared to any nonzero price, NOW is qualitatively better than any nonzero delay.  So I click to buy the Kindle Edition of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.  What will happen?  This:

Cool!  It already knows about my Kindle, and I just click Continue, and the book is all teed up to be transmitted to my Kindle.  So I run upstairs and wake up my Kindle, and it gives me a message that "my new purchases are being downloaded", shortly followed by a message that "my new purchases are ready to read"!  And I get this:

And just like that, I'm reading the book.  Took about two minutes.  How cool is that?