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Wednesday,  01/28/09  11:51 PM

I'm feeling a bit better about things - yeah, I've been kind of depressed, and thanks to all of you who emailed or called with concern - but I've been working on some cool stuff, and that helped, and did a fun ride with a friend today, capped by a cappuccino, and that helped, and attended a seminar at my kids' school tonight for fathers with daughters, and that really helped. 

And meanwhile it's all happening...

Floyd Landis is readyI've written a bit about Floyd Landis lately; Cycling News ran a nice article about him (don't call it a comeback).  "The countdown to the end of the suspension of Floyd Landis is nearly over. After two years, the American who once stood atop the Tour de France podium returns to a changed sport as a different person."  It will really be interesting to see how well he does, after two years out of racing and with a lesser team.

first down yellow line computer systemFanDome: The mystery of the yellow line.  Who knew it was so complicated?


Offline GMail launched.  This I want to check out.  Not saying it is ready to replace Outlook yet, but it is getting closer...  CNet helpfully posted a guided tour...

AVP: Apple vs PalmSo Apple has threatened to enforce their multitouch patents, and everyone sees this as targeting Palm.  BW saysthis makes Palm the "scrappy underdog" of 2009.  (I guess that was meant as a compliment.)  I have to give Engadget full credit for their overview of the situation, including the awesome Alien vs Predator graphic :)  {get it, A vs. P?}  I honestly can't see Apple blocking Palm from launching the Pre; let the market decide!

And speaking of Apple, what happened to iPhone push notifications?  "We put in a call to Apple to find out the reason why, but unless you’re new to this whole scene you won’t exactly be flabbergasted to hear that the company was about as communicative as your average sullen teenager."

Meanwhile the Pre of course features a full multitasking environment in which no push notifications are necessary; everything can pull whatever it needs whenever it needs it.  That could be a pretty compelling advantage...

SpaceShipOne cockpit view during flightSpaceShipOne cockpit view during flight.  Wow.  That's just about all I can say.  (click to enbiggen.)

ZooBorn: baby giraffeZooBorn of the day: a baby giraffe!

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