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Thursday,  03/05/09  10:47 PM

Non-cycling fans might not know the name Johan Bruyneel, but in cycling circles he's a legend; not only was he a great professional rider himself, but as the Team Director for Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador he's won eight Tours de France in nine years.  As a Coach/Manager this puts him in John Wooden / Vince Lombardi / Joe Torre territory.  So he wrote a book called We Might as Well Win, and being a cycling fan and owning a Kindle, I figured I might as well read it. 

Last night I downloaded it, sort of as an impulse buy, and idly started reading it.  Wow.  What a great book

I had pretty low expectations, I guess I thought it would be your usual run-of-the-mill athlete memoir, but the philosophy and approach is fascinating.  Within five pages you can see why he's been so successful, and why he's been able to help a world-class athlete like Lance become a universe-class athlete.  It is really well written, interesting, and useful; I honestly felt myself putting some of what he writes about into practice today.  (Interestingly, some of it ties closely to the Tyranny Antidote stuff, like focusing on what's important and eliminating distractions.)

I've only gotten about 1/3 of the way through it so far and am pretty excited about going to bed tonight just so I can continue.  Stay tuned for more...