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Tuesday,  03/17/09  08:39 PM

Did you have a nice green day?  Excellent, me too.  Busy busy busy but nice nice nice.  Got a lot done.  And meanwhile, it's all happening...

Perfect for St. Patrick's Day: Green is the new black!  In which crucial sections of bike paths are colored green to call attention to them for both bikes and cars.  What an excellent idea, I love it! 

PS and of course for a green bike lane you need a green bike :)

Michael Franc in the NRO asks Where's Alex?  (meaning Alexander Hamilton)  About how citizens are now more involved with the Federal government than their local ones...  your attention follows your money.  "Obviously, the far better solution to this mess is not to send all those dollars to Washington in the first place."  Obviously. 

Chris Muir's day-by-day is excellent today... 

John Battle on The Change: It's very sorta Twitter (Facebook, that is).  I commented: "Unlike many of you [apparently] I was/am a Facebook user but not a Twitter user. And I don't like the changes at all. If I want to Tweet or be Tweeted, I'll use Twitter. Facebook used to show me more information about my friends, static information rather than dynamic. Now it is down to just showing me what my friends are doing *now*, and that isn't as interesting to me. Net net I think this was a mistake, Twitter already exists and Facebook shouldn't try to be Twitter, they should keep being Facebook.

PS there is more here on Facebook's blog.

Jeff Atwood remembers the hardest interview puzzle question ever.  He doesn't like "puzzle" interview questions, but as I commented: "As someone who poses interview questions a lot (and answers them rarely if ever) I must tell you, they are really important. Until we are allowed to give candidates IQ tests they are the best / only way we have to form an estimate of how smart people are, in the sense of how they think. And the interaction of working through a puzzle together gives you a chance to see how they think, how they problem solve, and how they handle stressful situations.

My own hardest interview puzzle question would be the two switches...

The wave of the day, from the horse's mouth...  taken at Maverick's, of course...  you have to  love that color! 

ZooBorns of the day: Black-necked swan cygnets.  ("cygnets"? who knew?) 

Wired: How to make small talk.  Good to know :)