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Friday,  04/17/09  10:25 PM

Interesting day; I did not sleep, as anticipated, and was somewhat of a Zombie at times, but nonetheless it was good and productive and parts of it were excellent...

... had to replace my tube three times to get in a ride, but did, and the ride itself was amazing, including watching the sunset over Camp Pendleton...

How to raise our IQ.  Almost certainly the dumbest article you will read today, in fact, merely reading it may lower your IQ.  In fact, merely posting about it may lower my IQ.  In fact, merely reading about it on my blog might lower your IQ :)  Logic anyone? 

My name is E.  Yet another way to exchange business card information electronically.  This one actually looks interesting.  Any experience with it? 

Robert Scoble is chasing the magical experience.  "In all the hype about celebrities over on Twitter and Facebook we’ve forgotten something: experiences you have with crowds of other people are rarely magical unless it’s a concert and, even then, I’ve seen musicians give concerts to four of my closest friends and then go out and give concerts to thousands of people. I would rather have the small experience EVERY TIME."  Amen. 

VC investing hits 11-year low.  So be it.  It's a cycle. 

Ten YouTube URL tricks you should know about.  Indeed I should.  And now I do :) 

ZooBorn of the day: a baby Titi Monkey.  Awwww...