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Friday,  05/01/09  08:42 PM

Today was a reasonably good day.  Reasonably.  I spend the morning heads' down on a project, got it done, did some programming this afternoon, and no I didn't ride because I'm resting and eating and will shortly be sleeping to get ready for the Breathless Agony ride tomorrow.  But first this...

One month.  That's how long it has been since I first began working on Project Q.  In that time I've done about two days of work on it.  That sucks.  That's horrible.  If I am posting at the end of May and I've only spent two days all month working on Project Q, please shoot me.  Actually no need I'll shoot myself.  Stay tuned.

The Hunt for Gollum!Are you ready for The Hunt for Gollum?  I am.  Yee ha!  It looks awesome.  In fact, it looks fan-tastic.  Mark your calendars, just two more days and it will be online, free.  What a great time to be alive.

plasma arc speakers - check em out!So here we have plasma arc speakers.  Wow.  Just wow.  Yes of course you must check this out, click through, you silly reader people you will be amazed.  The choice of the Thompson Twins for this demo was inspired, too.

tables with tentaclesMore coolness: Tables with tentacles.  These designers have clearly been spending a little too much time with the funny mushrooms, but wow, how cool.

Congratulations to my favorite physical wine shop, the Duke of Bourbon, on their 42nd birthday!  That's very cool.  And another cool thing about "the Duke" is their wine tastings, which have been known to introduce friends to each other as well as to new wines; some of those friends formed lasting relationships, and two even got married.  It could happen, and in fact, it happened to me, because Shirley and I met at a Duke tasting :)  Duckhorn Merlot, I think, and Long Chardonnay, both of which remain favorites.  Wow, that was ... seventeen years ago...

Not only is the Palm EOS real (apparently), but it is going to be on Sprint (apparently).  So Palm is going to release the Pre "soon", wait until the buzz has built nicely, and then release the EOS "later" as its little brother.  Very cool.  At this point I am totally rooting for Palm to make it.  Who would have thought they'd even be in the game a year ago, let alone creating news with rumors...

ZooBorns: more Meerkats!ZooBorns of the day: more Meerkats!

And, so, what really makes people happy?

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