Critical Section

Act Three

Wednesday,  01/06/10  11:34 PM

Act Three, in which it all plays out...

So, what do you love about music?  To begin with, everything!  Tonight my glorious philosopher iPod dialed up the random play track of the world, and it was heaven.  No set which begins with Van Halen's Panama can go wrong; and there was Nirvana, and Metallica..  I am indeed unforgiven!

I think I need to see Avatar again.  There is an addiction here, I can tell... the blue people, must collect the blue people...

I am [re]reading William Gibson's neuromancer.  For having been written in 1984, twenty five years ago, it is remarkably prescient; among other things, the concept of avatars in cyberspace was introduced...  you see, all you people who want to visit Pandora; it doesn't really exist you know; it is only a construct of the Matrix :)

Matrix operator


Get me a construct...

Okay, patching you in now...

We are all jacked in, right now.  Maybe you are not actually reading this, you just think you are...

Reality is just a series of nested frames.  

Google Nexus OneAnd so the Google Nexus One was introduced, and it was good.  You probably thought the Droid was the one you were looking for, the definitive implementation of Android, but now you can see, you thought wrong.  But doesn't this seem like a false move on Google's part, akin to Microsoft competing with Dell and HP?  The platform strategy here is very interesting...

In other news, Apple announces 3B apps have been downloaded in 18 months.  That is B as in nine zeros.  Wow.

How to change the world: how to make an iPhone App.  Where "App" is a packaged RSS feed...

In other news, the Nexus may get FlashInteresting...

And finally (yawn) Steve Ballmer gives a CES keynote.  Does anyone care what he said?  For the record, he announced "slate PCs", perhaps the first known instance where the first was a me-too.  I don't think the Apple tablet is going to be called iSlate, I think it is going to be called iBook, which Apple already owns, and which they can now repurpose beautifully.  John Gruber: I'm left with the impression of a company that's flailing...

Tim Oren reviews The Hardware in Question, which resulted from an Uninstall - from his leg.  Wow.  Best of luck, Tim, for a speedy recovery!

Please put down all sharp objects and hot liquids before clicking: How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell.  (From the awesome Oatmeal; subscribed!)

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