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grayer and cuter

Sunday,  12/05/10  10:26 PM

Rounding out my extended birthday, tonight we had a "family" dinner, with an absolutely excellent steak, mashed potatoes, and roasted vegetables (including - gasp! - Brussels Sprouts).  Accompanied by a wonderful 2007 Carlson Pinot Noir (Santa Rita Hills - BTW I must tell you, every year 'they' say 'this is the best year since 1997', but I really think 2007 *is* the best year since 1997; the Santa Barbara Pinots in particular are amazing).

Which leads me to introduce my saying of the month:  Age improves with wine Indeed.  I am now 52, but I've switched to hexadecimal so this is 34.  And I *feel* 34.  I am determined to spend the next year acting 34, too.

This was my favorite birthday card :)  I am getting some gray hair, and Shirley assures me it makes me look distinguished - and cute.  So be it.