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Friday,  06/03/11  07:14 PM

Wow, interesting week.  I found the Leadership Summit I attended last week and the long ride and the long weekend added up to a lot to think about.  And tomorrow I'm riding a 200K for even more think time :)  There are changes brewing...  but I'm not yet ready to spill the beans.  In the meantime, it's all happening!

Have you ever wondered, what is a jellyfish

According to Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, the iPad is not a revolution.  But the AppleTV ... is.  Huh, it must be a slow-developing revolution, then. 

I think y'all know, I have an original AppleTV, and I love it.  Haven't rented a physical movie or watched a DVD for years.

Google +1 buttons for websites.  Okaaay.  I can totally see "Like" buttons, so you can share interesting content with your Facebook friends.  There's an ego-feedback thing operating.  But why would you +1 something?  There is zero payback.  I predict this will come to naught. 

Totally agree with John Gruber: there weren't enough shitty little buttons on every post on every website.  The only one worth clicking is Facebook's Like.  Once you get that, you get social media.

Tim Bray has added +1 buttons.  Of course, he works for Google.  I don't deny they make search better, but they don't do anything for me ... or for my readers.

Fourteen of the world's most amazing subways.  Wow, cool.  As a Los Angelino I find *all* subways amazing, wouldn't it be great if we had one too?  Even a non-amazing one would be ... amazing.  But these are especially cool.  I have been in the one in Madrid, at right, and it is huge

Cringley takes on HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health).  What he thinks we should do: "We figure out which is the best presently operating system in terms of functionality, reliability, ease of use, and any other criteria you'd like to add. Then we do something that is never done in IT. We take this off-the-shelf product, spend a little of that $30 billion to buy it outright, then give it to every hospital, clinic, and doctors’ office in America."  Who's "we", kimosabe? 

This is seriously wonderful: The real George Lucas has been imprisoned while an imposter made the Star Wars prequels.  A fan trailer for "George Lucas strikes back".  Can't we all identify with this?  I mean, could the same person who brought us Yoda have brought us Jar Jar Binks? 

Totally agree: Philip Greenspun: Destroy the Planet: Buy Organic.  There's a reason we use pesticides. 

So, is Windows 8 the beginning of the end of Windows?  I'm not sure.  iPads might be the best computer ever for my Mom, but they aren't going to replace my laptop anytime soon.  (He writes, typing on his laptop :) 

John Gruber: I feel like the Groupon IPO is an elaborate practical joke.  Same.  This is not a real business. 

Okay that's it: play nice, and have a nice weekend.  I'm riding tomorrow, and then tomorrow night I'm flying to Chicago for a one-day visit to the ASCO conference.  I'll probably blog on the plane ... please stay tuned!