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Monday,  06/01/15  12:14 PM

My most recent pet peeve: mobile apps that send me "notifications" which don't notify me of anything.  They just want me to click them ... but why? 

I am looking at my phone screen and I have no fewer than four of these right now.  Twitter and Pinterest want me to know about "things I might like", and MapMyRide and Sports Tracker want me to "reach my fitness goals".  Well guess what you guys?  Your reward for bothering me in this way shall be that I disable your notifications.  If I want to find things I might like, I'll do that myself, and if I want to reach my fitness goals, I have to work out, not click on an app.

Sheesh.  It's not bad enough they waste my time dismissing the notifications, I have to waste more time blogging about how aggravating they are.