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Saturday,  01/07/23  12:03 PM

So it's crummy weather and being a candy-ass Californian (instead of a hardy Dutchman!) I have resorted to Zwifting instead of riding outside.

The pic at left shows my setup; a Wahoo Kickr "smart trainer" that holds my bike, measures my power output, and simulates riding conditions like climbing hills and wind, a cadence sensor that goes in my sock, and a heart rate monitor.  I can use my Renovo road bike "as is" in this setup, easy in, easy out when I want to do a "real" ride outside.

Zwift has a bunch of riding terrain on their made-up island of Watopia, but also recently have digitized some real places to ride like France, Italy, and Innsbruck, Austria.  The overall experience isn't exactly like riding outside, but it's not bad.  Especially when exactly like outside would mean riding in a storm.  And the best part about Zwift is there are other people - just like me - out there riding, and we're all together.  Kind of fun to pass people from all over the world (well, and also getting passed by them :)

Zwift nerd note - if you look closely at this picture, you can see I'm wearing a KOM jersey.  Don't ask!