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Saturday,  01/07/23  12:15 PM

Making a filter pass on a rather soggy day ... we'll see how it goes.

I recently discovered Dutch Bros coffee!  How did I not know about them? 

SpaceX (and Elon Musk) celebrated their 61st launch of 2022, and their 61st successful one too.  Wow, just wow.  Remember when they were working on launch 1? 

Putting in a marker here ... over time, SpaceX might well become one of the largest and most successful companies of all time.

Not everyone is excited about space, Maciej writes why not Mars, in which he attempts to answer that question.  (via John Gruber)  And to be clear, his objection is to manned travel, which is admittedly not a bad point.  But if we abandon manned space travel, what's next for us?  (And how will I ever get to Titan?) 

An interesting reminder: our first image of Mars was a paint-by-numbers pastel drawing.  My father worked at JPL at the time of Mariner 4, I remember it well! 

I've been working on a cool project which involves using NVidia's CUDA library to accelerate processing by offloading parallel tasks to a GPU.  (More on this to come...)  GPUs are being used for this all over the place, especially in connection with AI tasks; computing a neural network is a perfect parallel operation.  (Essentially what are brains are doing all the time.)  But despite this, Slashdot reports desktop GPU sales hit 20-year low

Related: Portland startup to mine artisanal bitcoin using only slide rules and graph paperExcellent! 

It's the blue people!  Avatar: The Way of Water surpasses $1B mark globally.  Not surprising to me - it was a good movie.  And a good reason to go to a theater, with the spectacle and 3D and everything.  This is not a movie where you say "oh I'll wait for it to be on Netflix". 

Speaking of Netflix, "Emily in Paris": why it's so hard to admit love for the show.  Salon's tagline: "at best is something of an embarrassment, at worst living embodiment of cultural imperialism."  Heh.  I'm not sure I love it, but I've liked it a lot.  It's entertaining, and that's all it has to be.