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Wednesday,  01/18/23  10:14 AM

A quick filter pass ...

I'm having a weird problem with my mouse - it's double-clicking at random.  After nearly five years and approx 1B clicks, the clicker is breaking.  So be it.  What's interesting is how many "hidden" features are uncovered by this random behavior.  There's no standard for revealing what might happen on a double click (and actually, with the latest no-affordances crummy design ethos, a disappearing standard for revealing what might happen on a single click too).  So you do it, accidentally, and see what happens ...  it does not however blog automatically.  Yet.

Today's picture is lifted from the Tour Down Under cycling race, first of the season, and first time in three years this event is being held.  Yay, the "normal" pro cycling calendar is back.

Lots of non-news today.  There was a report about Apple's AR/VR headset, and everyone went crazy parroting everyone else's report about it.  And it's all a rumor, nothing real.  Shows you that anytime you know about something in the news, you know they got it wrong

(BTW this is not a picture from Apple, just someone's guess ... but feel free to share!)

Ann Althouse: Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. with a hilariously/tragically bad monumental sculpture.  It is indeed tragically bad.  I honestly debated whether to post this picture - this is a G-rated blog - but decided you would want to see it if you haven't already.  WTF, right? 

Dave Winer is working on a new tool called Feedland, "a feed management system for individuals and groups".  I don't get it yet.  I do think RSS is the bees knees.  Not sure what a feed management system would do for me.  But Dave often sees around the corner, I'm staying tuned. 

Now becoming apparent: Twitter was the ultimate cancellation machine

Meanwhile, and interestingly, a lot of third-party Twitter clients have had their credentials revoked, allegedly for violating Twitter's terms of service.  Reading between the lines, likely they displayed Tweets without ads, thereby depriving Twitter of revenue.  So yeah, it sucks for them, but so be it.  I would agree their communication has been curiously lacking; the Elon Musk regime have mostly explained the changes they've made. 

xkcd: Sunspot Cycle.  Feels like I link every new post, but then again every new post is so good

This you have to watch: Drone Dives the Full Height of the Burj Khalifa.  Amazing.  [ via Kottke

I have not heard, does this building move?  In the wind?  What is it like to work on the higher floors?

Ottmar Liebert re-visits CDs.  "the album in a store is simply a container for the ideas of the musicians and producers".  The challenge for artists today is how to capture that value, when the incremental cost of distribution is $0 online.  His last ten albums in the last ten years have been distributed online, and he's still doing it, so somehow it must be working... 

Interconnected: filtered for ants and laws.  A meanderingly thoughtful post: 

  1. Let’s say we could chat with ants. Could we trade with them? What would we want from them?
  2. Let’s say you want to stop eating cows and chickens, and instead eat insect-derived protein ... Is that ok?
  3. Corporate insecthood.  In short: people treat almost everything as people, at least a bit, including companies.
  4. A special court in Ancient Greece for holding accountable lifeless things