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groundhog day, again

Thursday,  02/02/23  08:55 PM

It's groundhog day, again, which means of course that we re-watched Groundhog Day, which seems to get better or at least no worse every year.

Today's big news was ... Twitter have announced their API will no longer be free!  This seems like an incredibly short-sided decision, maybe it will be modified, like free for non-commercial use, or something... 

So that makes my Comment problem simpler; I will use Mastodon for comments.  Stay tuned. 

Miguel Icaza: PSA: you have until Feb 9 to run the free programs to transport your social graph to Mastodon.  Well not quite, you can stay on Twitter forever, but many of the free "bots" you follow will leave. 

Little Green Footballs: This is the end, my only friend, then end.  Um, no. 

Steven Wolfram: the Tangled History of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  An epic post, and it's 3 of 3, with 1 and 2 not yet posted.  

Really fascinating though to see the history of entropy, as various scientists grappled with what it actually was, even as it showed up in their equations.

[Update: Part 2 is up.]  [Update II: Part 1 is up.]

Scott Loftesness: Ode to a Queen.  Pretty amazing. 

Twitchy: WHOA: #GoogleLeaks tells #TwitterFiles to hold its beer with bombshell-filled thread.  Not surprising.  And actually Google would be far more influential than Twitter, definitely more so than Facebook. 

OMG, wow.  Candide Thovex - "pretty tight".  I'll say.  Whenever I see something like this I wonder, was there practice involved?  How does one prepare for a "failure is not an option" run like this? 

Here's an interesting question: Are you playing Elden Ring, or are you just an academic?  "If you've ever felt like life is an uphill battle, plagued with new and terrible enemies at every turn, you're either playing Elden Ring… or you're in higher education."  It's not clear you can tell :) 

Aww ... A baby pangolin is born at the Prague Zoo.  It does resemble a living spruce cone...