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Mastocoms II

Saturday,  02/04/23  10:53 AM

Well, it's the morning after (I enabled comments via Mastodon), and while nothing appears broken, no comments have yet been posted; the crickets are lightly chirping.  Par for the course, I guess; you-all have more interesting things to do than read about my comments and probably, haven't even noticed yet.  Staying tuned ...

Saw this great George Carlin quote this morning, from Dave Winer.

Couple of thoughts about comments:

  • Yes, need an instant-relay-to-Mastodon, so new posts show up right away.  On the list.
  • Would be nice if the original post (here on my blog) showed whether there were any comments, and even nicer if it remembered the last time you visited (already does this) and showed whether there were any new comments.  On the list.
  • What would I do if someone posted a "horrible" comment?  Slash, irrelevant comment.  I'm relying on Mastodon to filter, and presumably they would do if it were henious in some obvious way (porn for example, or bad language).  But what if one slips through?  The commenter "owns" their comment, should I leave it?
  • Final thought: personal attacks, either on me or on another commenter, are out of bounds*.  So yeah, gardening.

* of course nothing at all keeps someone from linking to me and posting anything they want, nothing I can do.  This is the great thing and the hard thing about the Internet.

Your comments on all this are most welcome :)

[Update 2/5/23: actual comments have been posted, yay, and have figured out a way to show #comments for each post, yay]

Meanwhile I am off to visit my boat! - a nice day, first in a while ... yay.