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Iditarod day five (along the Yukon)

Friday,  03/10/23  10:34 PM

So we have reached the Yukon in the 2023 Iditarod - there are sort of five phases to this race: the Alaska range, the vast middle, the Yukon, the race to the coast, and Norton Sound.  At this point we're passed the halfway point, everyone has taken their "24", and we can see the race shaking out.  Here the view from the Flow Tracker:

Brent Sass appears to have a nice lead - he's the first one into Eagle Island, and is now resting 27 miles ahead of Richie Diehl, Ryan Redington, Kelly Maixner, and Pete Kaiser - but look at the 24/8 column - he has not taken his "8" yet.  (Neither has Kelly, nor Mille Porsild who is 6th on the trail.)  This means he's actually behind all of them except Kelly.  He'll have to take his 8 in Eagle or Kaltag, and when he does, they'll pass him.  Right now it look like a toss up between Richie, Ryan, and Pete, but don't count out Jessie Holmes or Nic Petit either (yes, the Iditarod tracker is having a problem, you can see the statuses for both of them are way old).  So ... stay tuned!

Some pics:

This is Jesse Holmes, enjoying the five-course meal he earned by being "first to the Yukon"