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the Ides are upon us

Wednesday,  03/15/23  10:17 PM

So, the Ides are upon us.  Did you know:

The Romans did not number each day of a month from the first to the last day. Instead, they counted back from three fixed points of the month: the Nones (the 5th or 7th, 8 days before the Ides), the Ides (the 13th for most months, but the 15th in March, May, July, and October), and the Kalends (1st of the following month). Originally the Ides were supposed to be determined by the full moon, reflecting the lunar origin of the Roman calendar. In the earliest calendar, the Ides of March would have been the first full moon of the new year.[3]

We of course know of the Ides via Shakespeare, who had soothsayer Spurinna warn Julius Caesar about them.

I've already had a terrible, horrible, not so good month, so the warning is late.  Onward.

When you read about Chat GPT 4 and things like this, do you feel things are happening too fast?  Jason Kottke notes Ezra Klein's use of the phrase "exponential time".  There are more and more things happening faster and faster, it's hard to keep track.  Best way I've found is to follow blogs as filters :) 

Reid Hoffman: Last summer, I got access to GPT-4.  It felt like I had a new kind of passport.  Huh, sounds interesting

Powerline note: Biggest victim of SVB collapse?  The Climate, of course.  "What hasn't received as much attention is that Silicon Valley Bank was particularly important to the climate-tech sector. More than 60 percent of community solar financing nationwide involved Silicon Valley Bank."  Hmm. 

Scoble: Google should win everything.  Are they victim's of the Innovator's Dilemma?  Time will tell. 

xkcd: flatten the planets.  "I don't know why NASA keeps rejecting my proposals to improve the Solar System."  hehe :) 

Blackberry, the trailer.  "Picture a cellphone and an email device, all in one thing."  Supercool.  Can't wait! 

BTW, could YouTube be any more annoying?  Just when you think they've reached peak cruft, they prove you wrong.

Onward, hope you have a good Ides!