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Wednesday,  05/09/07  10:44 PM

(Typing "more BigTIFF" reminded me of "more cowbell", and I am now laughing uncontrollably.  I don't know why that old SNL skit was so funny, but it was.)

So a week ago Aperio released the BigTIFF enhancements to libtiff, and we did a press release, and I did a blog post.  And I don't know whether it was because BigTIFF is cool, or because we made the world's first terapixel image, but somehow this became biggish news.  C|Net wrote about it, then it was dugg, and soon hundreds of bloggers were posting about it.  Very gratifying :)

It is possible that the fact the picture was of breast tissue helped the story catch hold; I think some people clicked through expecting high-resolution porn.  Sorry.

Besides being good publicity for Aperio it also provided a nice load test; we've been almost continuously saturated serving up image data since the story has caught hold:

Very cool.  I just hope we get slashdotted, that would make my day :)