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checking in after 20 years

Monday,  01/02/23  02:29 PM

keeping track ... in the archive ... check it out 
Checking in ... welcome to blogging in 2023. 

I began blogging on Jan 1, 2003, so it's now been 20 years!  Wow.  Not continuously - as a quick peek at the archive will reveal, there have been gaps - but definitely more on than off.  During that time I've made 3,406 posts containing 10,771 images.  There are 24,965 links, of which only 912 are back to other content on this blog.  (It would be interesting to determine how many of those links have died ... should be possible to do ... made slightly harder by the fact that some sites don't return a 404 when content is missing.)

At various times I've paid more or less attention to traffic; for some time now I have used Google Analytics, which is pretty good; it tells me I currently get about 500 unique visitors a day, who conduct 600 sessions, which average 1:32.  So be it.  This doesn't measure RSS and I actually think, based on the survey I just ran, that I get way more inbound from there than from search engines.  I also get linked back from Twitter, where I post a link back to every new item; no stats on that, but I should dig deeper.

Hitting a new year means I have to roll over all those "this date in" links at the top of the sidebar - who knew I would someday have 20 of them! - and revisiting old stuff remains one of the most fun things about blogging.  My flight feature gets a lot of use, at least from me (show me what I posted this day every year).

It's a little fun to remember all the stuff I used to do: frames (yikes), blogrolls (we hardly knew ya - but OPML lives on), blog roulette (pick two blogs from the blogroll and feature them), and lots of under-the-covers performance optimization from when I hosted this blog myself (it lives at AWS now).  Just recently I got rid of another complication - I used to serve a skinnied down version of each page to robots (now they get what everyone gets).

And so onward in 2023 ... let's see what happens. 
(Anyone care to guess whether I'll be blogging in 2043?  Stay tuned!)