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Sunday,  01/08/23  12:46 PM

This weekend I [re]discovered a latent interest in Football.  I honestly haven't watched much since the pandemic, missed the bowls and playoffs at the end of 2020, when they were moving around and being rescheduled and cancelled and everything, and didn't pay any attention last year, for ... reasons.  (And to be fair, spent January sailing in Florida - a story to be told here at some point - so I was otherwise occupied.)

Anyway, yeah, my DVR has tens if not hundreds of college bowls queued up, all the way through the big ones last weekend, and now pro games too, just in time for the playoffs.  It's a good combination with Zwifting; you can ride and watch at the same time, both activities only require fractional brainpower.

One big changed I haven't blogged about here yet is that during the pandemic we moved - not far, still in Westlake Village, CA - and in the process have now fully embraced AT&T DirectTV streaming as our "cable", and shed our old Tivos.  So we now have a cloud-based DVR.  I always loved Tivo - was a super early adopter, as you know - but I have to admit this is nice.  Including being able to easily watch on my computer.

[grumpy sidenote: HEIC, WTF? - did we need a new image format?  No, we did not...  and why oh why did Apple decide to make it the default on their phones?]