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Wednesday,  05/28/08  11:49 AM

Lake HodgesJust got home from a nice day in Vista...  a really nice day.  Started with a great productive discussion about how we can reorganize our development team slightly to get people working on the same project to be part of the same team; something I'm passionate about (product-centric organization beats functional organization every time).  Next up was a walkthrough / demo of Aperio's new Genie product, an amazing-almost-like-magic image pattern recognition tool.  The team has really done a great job on this, it was exciting to see it all come together.  After lunch I had some great blocking-and-tackling meetings with people.  And then - a wonderful bike ride on the Del Dios Highway east of the office (which passes by beautiful Lake Hodges, pictured at right), and a nice steak dinner with my friend and colleague Nick.  And on the way home - a great Rolling Stones -fest; I love the 'Stones, but don't usually listen to just them, so this was cool...

Meanwhile, here's what's happening in the real world...

Gerard Vanderleun ponders the Pacifascists Among Us...  Truly, you cannot refuse to fight.  It is all very well to say "make peace, not war", but that's unilateral; what do you do when "they" want to make war, not peace?  Something for the Obamaphiles to consider...

Megan's Dear Soldier letter, which I left up over Memorial Weekend, attracted some nice emails; thank you!  I realize the readers of my blog are a self-selected group which probably thinks more like me than the average person (understatement alert!) but even so, the feelings and thoughts you express are heartwarming and reassuring.  We aren't all idiots - or Pacifascists...

Still loving my Centro.  Each day brings a new discovery of something which is slightly better than my Treo 650... today, I realized the phone charges directly off USB, without being plugged into a wall.  This means I no longer have to carry a phone brick in my laptop case, just a USB cable.  Yay.

My Centro-love lives in the shadow of everyone's iPhone-love.  Don't get me wrong, I like iPhones, but I would not trade straight up for my Centro.  The lack of a real keyboard is a deal killer.  Still the iPhone is amazingly loved; take for example this post on Engadget, wherein the possible icon for a 3D iPhone (as-yet-to-be-announced) is discussed.  You know people love your product when they are eagerly searching tea leaves for the next version's features!

Brad Feld asks What Do You Suck At?  An important question to answer...  I remember being interviewed about ten years ago, a CEO asked me what I thought was the most important thing for a CEO to be good at.  Scanning my mental list of good CEOs, I couldn't think of any one thing, so I blurted out “not being good at everything”.  We both laughed, and in the ensuing discussion agreed that nobody is good at everything, so knowing what you're not good at – and hence organizing so you don’t do what you're not good at – is the most important thing…

Headline of the day: Space Station Toilets Poop Out, from Slashdot.  :)


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