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not liking

Tuesday,  05/30/17  11:50 PM

Hi blog public, how are y'all?  Sorry I've been missing; what can I say, I've been busy.  Tales for another time.

Today I am feeling feisty about all the crappy politics on Facebook.  I've borderline stopped visiting just because of it.  Some of my friends are stuck on politics all the time, and just have to sound off into their little echo chamber.  People on both sides, but mostly liberals who still haven't absorbed the results of the last election.  Yeah you know who you are.

So anyway here's what I'm going to do.  I'm inventing a little rating system.  Everyone starts at 10, because, well, they're my friends.  From there, I'll +1 if I like something they've posted, and -1 if I don't like something.  (A "Not Like".)  This will be for political posts which are just blasts into the echo chamber.  (Another way to get a -1: post a text-only "picture" with some random saying.)

Here's how I'm going tally my ratings:  For a Like, I'll click Like.  For a Not Like, I'll post a comment: Not Like : N, where N = that person's new rating.  If someone drops below zero, I'm going to unfollow them.  They'll still be my friend, but I won't be viewing their posts anymore.  I might miss a cute picture of their kids or a great book recommendation, but such is life. 

Anyway this will be my little experiment, we'll see how it works out.  Please stay tuned!

[Update: I never did this.  I was about to, once, and didn't like how it felt.  Onward!]


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