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pass the popcorn

Wednesday,  12/14/22  06:08 PM

If you're a longtime reader you know, I haven't particularly taken to Twitter.  At first I didn't get it, and now that I do, I realize there's less there than one might have thought.  It's microblogging - anyone can post [just about] anything, and it's easy, so a lot of people do it.  The value comes from the aggregation and ease, and that's not nothing.

Also, many have used it as a form of "manual RSS"; posting links to deeper content elsewhere.  That's another real use case.  Why not use RSS?  That's another real question.

Perhaps the most interesting thing on Twitter just now is the debates about Twitter.  Elon Musk himself has observed this, and he's not wrong; even critics of all the changes he's making are mostly using Twitter to complain.

I've found it most interesting to see who is supportive of these changes, and who isn't.  I follow a bunch of bloggers from all over the political spectrum, and many who don't post about politics have revealed their political proclivities by how they view these changes.  So be it.  That's exactly what Elon seems to have wanted, and he's getting it.

In the meantime, pass the popcorn! - it's great theater, and I can't wait to see what's next...  on Twitter.


boldly going

Wednesday,  12/14/22  06:21 PM

Well, I'm doing it, I'm going boldly where many have gone before*:  I'm upgrading my daily system from Win 10 to Win 11.  I'm doing this for a few reasons, only one of which is to "stay current"; I have a few bugs I'm hoping will get cured in the process, and I'm definitely counting on leaving Internet Explorer behind forever.  (Somehow in my Win 10 system Chrome is the default and Edge gets used sometimes but there are some kinds of links which still launch IE.)

Oh, and can we agree, the Win 11 logo is awful.  Seriously?  A clear case of lack of patience...  (When I wrote "Patience" back in 2016, I was hoping the pendulum would swing back, but here it is nearly seven years later and we still suffer from ugly no-design.)

* grammar note: "to boldly go" is probably the most prominent split infinitive of all time.  Ouch.

[Update: well, the good news is that it was easy and (seemingly) non-destructive to go back to Win 10.  Thank you Microsoft for making it possible and easy.  The bad news is that it was immediately obvious that Win 11 would have problems; many programs I use often did not work (including an ancient copy of Photoshop), settings were all over the place and messed up, and worst of all, IE was still there!  I kid you not, first link I clicked launched IE.  Bah.  Anyway I will go again - someday it will be a must - but for now I'm baack...]


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