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Monday,  09/14/20  04:05 PM

Sowell often hits the nail on the head, but here he pounds it directly through the wood. 

Almost every single thing on the liberal agenda will likely worsen the conditions it is intended to help.  I often wonder if this is deliberate - Machiavellian power grabbing - but per Occam's Razor perhaps there is just a failure to draw apt conclusions from prior experiments.



Stillwater revisited

Monday,  09/14/20  08:44 PM

Longtime readers know, I am a big fan of Almost Famous, and have been since it was released 20 years ago.  It's one of those movies which seem to be gaining fans and popularity the more time passes, and while the fame is justified, I somewhat preferred the movie when it was Almost Famous :)  But so be it.

The 20th anniversary was marked; including a Rolling Stone interview of Cameron Crowe, a New York interview of Patrick Fugit, and this incredible podcast featuring many of the cast.  And this: the deleted "Stairway to Heaven" scene .. unlike many, I am oh so glad it was deleted.  Yes of course you must watch it - it's all happening! 

"What kind of beer?"

I've seen the future, and this all works out pretty well.  Onward!


Monday,  09/14/20  08:53 PM

Checking back in ... sorry, I've been busy.  And also sort of hunkered down.

So so glad that Le Tour is taking place, albeit pushed back by a couple of months.  With all the compromises it's still a fantastic event and has been great watching.  Of course it doesn't hurt that "my team" Jumbo Visma are in yellow...

Asking the important questions: Will I ever buy clothing again? 

You guys all knew this, but I did not; the supercool Flight Radar 24 website.  Every plane in the air in realtime. 

Here we have the 20 most extreme places on Earth.  Make a list, visit them all.  Awesome! 

Book of the day: You look like a thing and I love you.  "How artificial intelligence works and why it's making the world a weirder place."  Noted. 

Department of intended consequences: California judge rules Uber, Lyft must classify drivers as employees

NASA: Seven things to know about the Perseverance Mars Rover.  Good to know.  I hope it has the same perseverance as Spirit and Opportunity! 

News you could use, if only the people who claim to use science actually, um, used science: Why green energy is impossible.  Of all the contradictory agenda items on the liberal agenda, this is the least easily explained by Occam's Razor.  Surely at least some of the supporters of green energy know it's a sham? 

Oh, and Tonopah solar files for bankruptcy in the great implosion.

Meanwhile, SpaceX changes the game with 100th rocket launch.  The first polar launch from Florida in more than 50 years.  And ho hum, the first stage was landed afterward and will be reused. 



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